Reading Solutions

The Program

Reading Solutions is based on Linguistic Remedies for Reading Disabilities, a hands-on program developed by Dr. Barbara Wise*.  This program is evidence based.  It is compatible with current scientific reading evidence and continually modified to stay compatible with research consensus.

Linguistic Remedies follows a Cycle of Learning.  Students discover concepts and practice these in isolation until they achieve mastery.  Next, they apply these concepts in context, practice until they are smooth and accurate, and then work on transferring these skills until they use them independently.

This program does not just teach children a set of rules, but aims to change how children process language.  Reading Solutions uses a sequential, multi-sensory approach.  Using guided discovery, children learn to feel how and where sounds are made and ultimately, to feel the orders of sounds in syllables and words.

Kim's approach to therapy/tutoring involves one-on-one time and attention with both students and their 'coaches' or parents.

The 'coach' learns the program with the students so the two of them can practice the skills at home.  When students and coaches are committed to regular practice, skills become more automatic.  This helps achieve the goal of each student "becoming his own teacher" as he learns to self-correct.  The more practice, the more skills will be transferred into independent reading, writing, and spelling.

Kim conducts initial phone consultations to help determine if Reading Solutions is an appropriate intervention for a child.  A comprehensive evaluation is recommended prior to beginning educational therapy.  Following the evaluation, Kim will develop an individualized therapy program for each child.  Kim reevaluates each child's progress frequently during the therapy program.

Kim typically meets with a student and coach twice a week.  Hours are flexible and students may receive therapy before or after school or during the school day.

*Dr. Barbara Wise is the author of Linguistic Remedies and president of Remedies for Reading Disabilities, Inc.